Welcome to the ATHS

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Welcome to the ATHS

About us

The Applied Technology Schools

Welcome to The Applied Technology Schools. Our program of study starts in Grade 09 and ends in Grade 12. In Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Girls and Al Dhafrah campuses the program of study starts from Grade 06. Upon completion, the student is awarded the High School Certificate accredited by the Ministry of Education (MoE) in addition to the National Qualification Centre (NQC) level 4 Certificate for cluster-based programs.

The program consists of three different streams:

  • Advanced Science Program
  • Advanced Stream
  • General Stream

Since its establishment, the Applied Technology High School system has offered Emirati youth a career-based technical education. The system provides a solid, high standard Science and Mathematics curriculum that helps create the scientists, engineers and technologists needed to meet the knowledge-based economy of the UAE.

The ATHS system promotes two programs of study that build on the capacity of Emirati students, the ATHS Core Applied Technology Program and the Advanced Science Program.

Through the ATHS Core Applied Technology Program, students are offered academic core subjects combined with cluster-based courses that are customized in accordance with their interest and academic performance. The Core Applied Technology program is presented in Regular and Advanced streams to target students’ differing abilities.


Create a world-class Career Technical Education system that will produce the scientists, engineers and technicians needed for the UAE to build a knowledge-based economy.


Provide distinctive high school programs that integrate career and technical education with a rigorous academic core.


  • Excellence, integrity, respect, diversity, teamwork and innovation are the core values at ATS.
  • Critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving and creativity define ATS guiding values.

ATHS Strategic Objectives

  • Lead Career-Technical and Vocational Education by shaping policy and reform in line with the vision and mission of the Abu Dhabi Government.
  • Enhance the level of Career-Technical and Vocational
  • Education within ATS Schools through ongoing research and development and by driving innovation.
  • Prepare students for successful careers and further studies in technologically advanced areas in line with national qualifications (MoE, NQC) framework.
  • Achieve a balance between academic and technical studies through rigorous and accelerated models of learning.
  • Deliver student-centered education that is responsive to the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Employ continuous improvement goals in all facilities, systems and operations.
  • Ensure high quality service provision by adopting quality assurance principles for all processes, procedures and practice.
  • Establish learning and work environments that stimulate all students and staff to excel.

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