ATS Facilities

The Applied Technology Schools are equipped with modern, spacious facilities including Libraries, Computer Labs, Workshops, Science Labs, Sports Facilities, Arts Rooms, Canteens, to provide support and assistance to both students and staff.


ATS Libraries and Learning Resource Centers are modern, spacious and enriched with the latest resources that support a wide range of 21st century learning activities. Librarians provide orientation sessions and facilitate information literacy classes both in the LRC and in the classroom. They take this opportunity to introduce students to the latest resources, which support the learning and teaching objectives of the curriculum. Information Literacy sessions provide students with opportunities to develop their critical thinking skills and to conduct research.

Sports Facilities

Our sports facilities help students to develop multiple skills and their goals of leading healthy and active lifestyles. Our sports facilities include:
  • Outdoor Football fields
  • Swimming pools
  • Indoor Sports facilities
  • Tennis courts
  • Indoor Basketball and Handball sports facilities
All sports facilities are equipped with modern equipment to help physical education teachers meet the needs of all students, and provide the needed support.


Applied Technology Schools offer a variety of workshops to help students apply the skills they’ve learned in the classroom. The Electrical and Mechanical workshops, in particular, provide hands-on opportunities for active learning. By encouraging practical activities, we can boost students’ learning outcomes and help them excel in their studies.

Computer & Science Labs

At Applied Technology Schools, our computer labs provide students with essential digital skills needed in today’s world. These labs serve as the hub for teaching and practicing Computer Science, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, 3D printing, and many other IT fields. Each lab is equipped with a minimum of twenty PCs, all with the necessary learning software applications installed.

Our Science labs are specially designed and equipped with tools for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Here, students are encouraged to explore, experiment, and learn how to develop their ideas, discover the world around them, and ask challenging questions.


At Applied Technology Schools, our cafeterias are spacious and provide a wide range of healthy meals at reasonable prices for our students. The carefully selected menu offers healthy choices that promote healthy habits and provide balanced options. We not only serve fresh, tasty, and nutritious meals to our students but we also ensure that we comply with health and safety standards to ensure our students’ well-being.


At Applied Technology Schools, classrooms are designed with spaciousness and proper ventilation in mind. Each classroom is equipped with state-of-the-art data shows and all campuses are covered with a strong Wi-Fi network. All students are provided with iPads, and some specific clusters receive laptops to support their learning. Our teachers have homerooms that students visit based on their timetable. Classrooms are decorated with noticeboards, posters, and subject-related materials to help motivate students. The desks and chairs are movable to allow teachers to modify the class layout to support collaborative learning based on the needs of the lesson