Learning Resource Center



The ATS Learning Resource Center provides dynamic learning hubs that inspire innovation, encourage curiosity and further exploration, by means of the latest technology and resources that are wide-ranging in scope and format, and which support the teaching and learning objectives of the organization.

Learning Resource Centers Mission

Our goal is to develop and improve the information-seeking and critical thinking skills of all ATS students, preparing them to become independent and lifelong learners.

Our Centers provide an environment where students and staff have access to appropriate technologies, electronic and print resources, and up-to-date information that support the teaching and learning objectives of the institution.

Librarians and LRC staff offer orientation and instruction in information literacy to promote independent and lifelong learning and provide support for students to gain the skills required for success in a knowledge-based society.

Collaboration with our teaching staff is key to creating and delivering innovative learning opportunities that maximize your child’s potential for success. We believe that communication with staff and students is essential in developing collections that support the curriculum and promote reading for pleasure.

Our Learning Resource Centre aims to provide appropriate resources to satisfy the information and literacy requirements of all students and staff. We offer a facility for study, homework, recreational reading, and provide a comfortable and functional environment for fun library activities also.

Code of Conduct

Everyone using the LRC should adhere to the code of conduct. These are on display in the LRC. This ensures the smooth running of all aspects of the LRC and a productive working environment. Library portal: