We are proud to welcome you to the AQB campus.

With our international focus on science and engineering, we are helping the future leaders of the UAE to become prepared for their successful roles in our inclusive society. Our well-equipped campus facilities include state-of-the-art laboratories for all three basic sciences; physics, biology, and chemistry. Our computer labs prepare our students for the all-encompassing technological future which will be part of their lives. We envision that this will allow all students at IAT to excel in the technological marketplace.

We believe that all our students can and will achieve excellence under our guidance. In fact, we believe that no students should be left behind. All students deserve an opportunity to display their best selves. Parents will be pleased to witness their children blossom into remarkable adults who fulfill their hopes, dreams, and destinies.

IAT schools offer high standards that mean students are well prepared for their future university and professional careers and ultimately will advance in local, national, and international communities.

Our teaching staff and administrative staff have been selected to be focused on producing the best student education possible. And they strive each day to ensure that these goals are achieved. Together the staff create a productive and prosperous learning environment for our students.

At AQB, we are confident that our students will be empowered to achieve and surpass the UAE 2071 goals through collaboration and a student-centered environment, allowing the UAE to take up its rightful role as a world leader.

Ahnaf Shehadeh Abbas
Applied Technology Schools – Al Aqabiya

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