At the ATS Umm AL Quwain campus, we, the Principal, the teaching staff, and the administration, encourage and empower our students to meet their full potential as students and individuals. We prepare them with the tools to succeed in the next stage of their lives, whether in a leading University, industry or government services. Our students leave school ready at the personal level to fulfil the ambitions and needs of the wider community.

We have a committed team of teachers that have close working relationships with the students and work diligently to help each student learn and grow. This is a School where achievements are recognised and support gets offered. The Umm AL Quwain Community is growing daily with new parents, students and staff and collectively working to build the technical and scientific skills base needed for successful future generations.

Together we will inspire the students to be the very best. The beautiful spirit of the UAQ campus community gives us a solid and successful school. The environment encourages students to thrive, realise their full potential, and prepare for future endeavours by being globally orientated-but locally-rooted learners. Supervising the education of Emirati youth at Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) campus is a great honour and responsibility. In the wise words of His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (may his soul rest in eternal peace) on inspiring our youth. Which is the primary motivation for our work at UAQ: “We have High hopes for our youth who know and understand their responsibilities and work diligently and faithfully toward achieving them”.

Philip Reynolds
Applied Technology Schools – Umm Al Quwain Campus

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