The vision of the instructional technology department is to support e-learning throughout the system. This will transform teaching and learning by empowering the schools’ infrastructure with state-of-the-art instructional IT systems, enhancing the digital generation engagement in learning, and developing teachers’ digital pedagogy.

ATHS schools run a One-to-One e-learning program. This is a result of diligent work since 2010, which includes the curriculum, policies, infrastructure, and IT tools. All this collectively formed a mature ecosystem for e-learning in schools. Continuous reviews are conducted every year to make sure that e-learning is implemented effectively in all schools.

Student Devices

Our students receive an iPad as soon as they join our schools. With the lightweight design and up to 10 hours of battery life, learning goes anywhere, and students are connected all day. The iPad is versatile for all types of learning. Sketch and explore ideas. Edit photos and video. Easily design and share assignments. And dive into augmented reality and learning to code. The iPad is compatible with the apps teachers and students use every day, including those from Google and Microsoft. Read more about why we adopted the iPad at www.apple.com/ipad

ATS provide some students groups with MacBooks and Laptops to support their learning and fulfil their curriculum requirements.

This includes students joining the Computing and Artificial Intelligence, Business, Computer Networks, and the Creative Media Production specialization clusters.

The device specs are chosen carefully to make sure that it accommodates students learning needs as per the designed activities within the curriculum.

The Learning Management System (LMS)

ATS schools provide its students access to the MoE LMS to empower them with a personalized learning experience that can accommodate their strengths and ensure their success. The system is rich of social and interactive features, which helps in bridging the distance between students and teachers.

The LMS allow to have learning content available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. It also helps teachers to create ongoing assessment to check on students learning progress and offers several easy tools to plan and manage courses.

Microsoft Office 365

Our students receive an Office 365 account once they join to have access to several apps to support their learning process.

Office 365 helps us to keep our communities of teachers, students, and parents connected and engaged with affordable technology and support from Microsoft.

With Microsoft Teams, teachers can put conversations, assessments, apps, and content together in a single, secure hub that simplifies class management and promotes student engagement.

Microsoft Teams saves educators time, puts students in charge of their learning, meets global security and compliance standards, and so much more.

Digital Textbooks

Here at ATS we are paperless, and all learning resources are digital, which includes students’ textbooks. Students access their textbooks via a platform called “Al Diwan”, which is a speedy, interactive, multimedia-rich and easy to use digital reading platform accessible through multiple devices.

The platform is designed for the best reading experience and available on any computer, tablet, and smartphone anywhere, anytime, online or offline; allowing students to track their progress and archive their highlights and notes automatically in all subject areas.