Over the course of several decades, the interest of our wise leadership has focused on building an advanced educational system comparable to those of developed countries, making strenuous efforts and harnessing all the capabilities of the state.

The establishment of the Applied Technology Schools in 2005 came as a culmination of these efforts. Over the past years, we were able to establish the principles of technological education, encourage innovation and creativity, set new standards for the future of technical education in the country.

We are in the Mohammed Bin Zayed City branch of Abu Dhabi, one of the first branches of the Applied Technology Schools that worked hard to provide all the capabilities and means of support necessary for our children; in order to establish a base of Emirati scientists, engineers and technicians who are responsible for building an Emirati technological base that meets national needs and responds to the requirements of comprehensive economic development.

In the Mohamed bin Zayed City branch , our children enjoy great appreciation and constant care. As part of our endeavor to unleash their energies, develop their capabilities, and develop their talents, we have provided many laboratories and training workshops that provide them with rich opportunities for innovation and exploration.

Our participation in competitions has always been a milestone, as we have won many local and international awards, by creating an appropriate climate and an environment stimulating creativity, innovation and achievement. We have also made a qualitative leap by accrediting our high school within the “Apple Distinguished Schools”, which qualifies us to be a center for innovation and development of students’ academic skills, and the use of technology in the field of education.

We at the Mohamed bin Zayed City branch always look forward to being open to the local community, and we believe that you are partners in the positive impact on our students, and we believe in your integrative role to be an effective collaborator for teachers to develop the educational process.


Nasser Sulaiman AlMemari
Applied Technology Schools – Abu Dhabi Boys Campus

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