Since its foundation, our beloved country has been attentive to its young generation’s needs in various aspects of life. The launch of the most prominent national strategy, “2021 Towards the next 50”, has enabled the government to coordinate with all segments of society to participate in shaping life in the UAE over the next five decades and raise a generation capable of supporting the country’s sustainable development.

The provision of an attractive and stimulating educational environment is our top priority, and we aim to achieve this by instilling a culture of innovation and creativity that will harness the talents of our youth to cope with the requirements of future economic development.

Here at the Applied Technology School, Fujairah, we aim to develop our students’ scientific, cultural, spiritual, and moral skills that are of significant importance in technical and vocational fields and crucial to the success and progress of our nation. To attain our goals, we hire highly-qualified teachers and ensure ongoing professional development training on the best educational practices. The teaching strategies strongly emphasize 21st Century Skills, and our top priority is to ascertain that our learners reach their full potential. We have established curricula that keep pace with the requirements of a competitive knowledge economy; that we achieve through excellent and successful leadership.

I take immense pride in our recent accomplishments at ATS Fujairah, where we strive to improve our already high standards.

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